June 19th- Advice for Adopted Parenting

June 19th Prompt- What’s your advice for parenting an adopted child?

I’m not even going to pretend that I have any idea how to answer this. Chris and I have talked about adopting someday, and it is definitely something I could see us doing in the future. All I know is how I think I would parent an adopted child, but who knows if that is the right way or not…it’s just my way I suppose.

My main thought is this- I would bring the child up with as much love as humanly possible. I would love her as much as if I’d had her myself, and I would treat her in a way to ensure she never questioned that. I wouldn’t share the news that we adopted her with her until she was older…and at that time I would support whatever decisions she makes on finding her biological family.

My only advice?
1. Treat her equally to other children, if there are some
2. Educate yourself on issues/problems that arise from a situation such as your own
3. Ask for help- find an adoptive parents’ group or something for support
4. Love love love

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