June 20th- what sounds reasonable in an open adoption?

June 20th Prompt: What sounds reasonable in an open adoption – I.e. how much contact is do-able?

For me…personally…I don’t think an open adoption would ever be an option. There is something about staying in contact with the biological parents that terrifies me, such as:
1. Would the biological parents someday become more important to my child than me?
2. A year or two down the road…when the biological parents are perhaps more ready and capable to handle a child….would they want their baby back?
3. Sending pictures/emails/updates would constantly make me think that this child is not really ‘mine’

If the only way I could have a child was through an open adoption, I would do it. BUT…I wouldn’t want to live in the same state….I wouldn’t want any visitaion…I wouldn’t want the biological parents having the child’s name or address…and all communication would have to be through email. I know, I’m picky.

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