June 21st- Annoying things

June 21st Prompt-  What annoys you?

This was not the original prompt, but the original one was “tell me about another TTC blog and why I should read it,” and most of my readers are friends (I think) who are not actively TTC….so I changed it.  Plus, I’m annoyed right now, so I wanted to vent.  =)  Here is a list of 10 things that really annoy me.

1.  I hate fighting with the hubster.  It’s really not often that it happens anymore, but when it does it just kills me.  The thing that annoys me the most about it?  No matter what the fight is about…or who is to blame…I am ALWAYS (as in 100% of the time) the one who has to apologize and wave the white flag.  Seriously!  Maybe he didn’t do something he said he would…well, I have to apologize for not acknowledging other things he DID do….or the tone of voice I had when I asked him about it….or the timing of bringing it up….anything, really. It’s not fair, but I always do it because I’d rather have peace.

2.  Men who are rude to strangers, especially women.  The other night we went to the late show, and there was only one lady at the ticket counter.  I would guesstimate that there were around 15 people in line to buy tickets.  DH and I were about 3-4 back, and an older lady was solo in front of us.  Well, another theatre employee FINALLY opened a new line.  The lady in front of me didn’t notice, so I tapped her on the shoulder and said “you should jump in that line since the people in front of you are not. ”  You know…following the system like they do at the grocery store when they open another line and say “I can help whoever is next.”  Well….as we are moving to that line, a young guy from the back of the line jumps into the front of the line and whips out his money.  Normally, I would make a comment….so add to this my pregnancy  hormones and there was no way I wasn’t saying anything.  I just said (loud enough for him to hear me, of course), “Wow, that was really nice…such a polite young man” or something very similar.  He looked back and glared at me….then said “My girlfriend’s pregnant.”  I looked around and yes..there was a pregnant girl standing near him…in daisy dukes and an animal-print tank top.  I replied “Yeah?  Well I’m pregnant too…does that mean I get to cut in lines?”  I wanted to say a lot more, but I didn’t…..so rude.  It’d be different if we were in line for a cab or the bathroom or something….but an elective activity where she’s just gonna go sit anyway?  Whatever.

3.  People at work who cc: a million people on a dumb email.  Please, people….cc as needed, not to cover your ass or try to make someone look bad.  I usually just ignore this, but in cases where someone cc’s my CEO or VP and does anything to even bring into question my job performance, I will reply to all and attach documentation (emails/reports/data) that just makes you look like a dumbass.  It’s actually kind of fun to do that when deserved…but it annoying to have to deal with.

4.  People who constantly are trying to “Keep up with the Jones’s” and always have to know what something costs…or how much money you make…or what your bonus was….or how much your house was….or what you owe on your car…or what neighborhood you live in…or if you have an RV or a boat or a cabin or whatever.  These are the same people who bring up things ‘casually’ in conversation just to make them look like they have a lot more money than they really do.  You know, things like “Man, David’s  (their son) college tuition is just so high this year,” when I know…for fact…that they aren’t even paying a dime of David’s tuition….. but they bring it up ALL the time in groups of people.  These are the people who rarely post on facebook, but when they do it’s things like “I love my life- been at our second home all weekend and it’s been so relaxing”…when the second home is really the home of their cousin and they just stay there sometimes.  I could go on and on, but it’s just annoying.

5.  People who encourage you to do something you are not doing.  Now that I’m pregnant, this is SUPER annoying.  Example- I’m not drinking or smoking or having caffeine.  You cannot imagine the number of people who have practically pushed these things on me, saying things like “I drank a glass of wine everyday, and my baby was perfectly healthy,” or “If you use to do those things and don’t now, it could actually hurt your baby,” or “Seriously?  Caffeine is fine!”  I just want to scream, “You know what?  There are doctors out there who recommend not doing any of those things, so I’m not!  It’s my choice!”  But normally I just sit back and say something like “yeah, guess we’ll see how it goes.”

6.  Loud eaters.  I know, this is petty, but it honestly drives me absolutely crazy.  If we’re in a restaurant and/or there is a lot of background noise, then it’s not so bad.  But if we are having a dinner at our house….or if a couple of us are eating something and watching a movie….then it’s something that will grate my nerves until I just lose it.  Everything from the smacking…to the drinking like horse…to the spoon or fork hitting the bowl over and over and over again as you scrape up your rice….to the crunching….just kills me.  Sometimes I will literally create an excuse to get up and do something else, and sometimes (only to hubs) I will say something like “I know it’s a ridiculous request, but could you PLEASE stop scraping your plate?!?”

7.  Parents who ignore their kids when there are other parents around.  I see this a lot.  It’s like an excuse to let your kids go wild or something….I don’t get it.

8.  People who have total disregard for public restrooms.  Seriously….have some decency and clean up after yourself

9.  People who go to Sonic during Happy Hour and go through the drive-thru and order a large meal.  Come on, people…that line is for drinks/speed!

10. People who continuously (I’m talking like daily) post selfies on facebook/twitter/instagram/etc.  Seriously…you KNOW we know you took that, right?  Did you just sit in your car and think “Damn I look good today, I need to document this!”  Part of it is honestly just hilarous…but the other part is annoying.  Partially because I know what you really look like, lol


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3 thoughts on “June 21st- Annoying things

  1. All I have to say is: hell yes.

  2. Sara

    1. don’t let it bug you. I have adopted the rule of, “if you care more about this fight, then you can be right,” and there just honestly a lot of things I care that deeply about to continue an argument. Fighting is exhausting and unproductive, and to me, whoever apologizes and moves on first is clearly the smarter and more mature one 😉 Don’t get me wrong… there are some things to dig in on, I just don’t have a long list of those.

    5. UM,.. just tell them, “this is my pregnancy”

    6. I worked in a conference room, next to a guy, for 7 months straight, and he chewed gum so.freaking.loud I think the whole city could hear it… most of all, I could. sigh

  3. You are so right, Sara! Love the “if you care more about this fight, then you can be right.” Great stance.

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