June 25th- My Purse

June 25th Prompt-  Describe the contents of your purse. What kind of purse do you have?

I carry a Tano, which is a leather bag.  I have a few of them, and I buy them because they never fall apart!  Plus, whenever I get sick of the color there is a cobbler shop in Fayetteville who will dye them a different color for me for only like $45.  It’s great.

My purse is large- I totally carry too much stuff in it, but that’s just how it is.  Currently, I’m carrying a blue bag that has pockets on the outside.  I’ll post a picture below.  Today I see the following in my bag:

  • Keys
  • Gum
  • A Hobo wallet (containing cash/debit card/checks/insurance cards/etc)
  • A koozie
  • Phone (unless it’s on me)
  • Chapstick and Lipgloss and Lipstick
  • Pens
  •  Sunglasses
  • A tiny calculator
  • Snacks.  Yes, I do not have a toddler yet, but I carry crackers and peanuts in my purse.  You never know when I’ll have to skip lunch with work, so I have to make sure I have something for the babe!


This is the purse I am carrying, but this was a few weeks ago when I was at the airport- hence the phone charger and boarding passes.

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