June 28th- Other languages

June 28th Prompt- Do you speak any other languages? When do you think a child should learn a new language?

I do not speak any other langues fluently.  I could get by with necessities in Mexico if I had to (you know, things such as where can I get a car…where is the bathroom…may I please have a beer…. only bottled water, please, etc), but anything above that would be painful.  I took spanish for 2 years in High School and 2 years in college (and I loved it and was fairly good), but that ole saying “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it” is totally true.  I’ve forgotten probably 80% of what I knew, sadly.

Kids can learn a new language so much more quickly than adults!  It’s crazy!  I took a second language acquisition class in my undergrad program and it was so interesting.  I fully support children learning another language as quickly as possible.  No harm.

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One thought on “June 28th- Other languages

  1. Sara

    I gave up on my travel Spanish CDs when they got into chapter 3 and were teaching you to request a room with a bathroom, a room with a shower, etc. If I’m traveling to Mexico, my room better have a damn shower without me having to ask 😉

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