A little catching-up- better late than never, right?

Ok ok ok…I know it’s been a few days (cough*cough*) since I last blogged- I’m sorry!  Things have just been so so so so busy. Here are some updates:

  • I just got back (yesterday) from my 2-week trip to New Zealand and Vanuatu.  It was an amazing trip!  I will save the details and pics for sometime later this week (I have to upload my pics anyways), but just know I’m back safe and sound (with a little jet-lag) and had a great time.  It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime trip!
  • All things baby-related are going very well.  I’m still feeling great (no sickness and normal energy levels), so I have nothing to complain about.  I’ll be 17 weeks this week and will send over a recap of exactly how I’m feeling and all that sometime later this week, promise.
  • I am completely swamped at work (due to the 2 week vacation), which sucks.
  • I REALLY missed my husband while I was gone.  I’ve decided that I never want to go 2 weeks without him again.  May sound lame, but it’s how I feel…it was too long.

That’s about it- I just wanted you to know I’m alive and well!  I promise to update more later on this week when I have a little more free time!


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2 thoughts on “A little catching-up- better late than never, right?

  1. So happy you are 17 weeks along! I have been M.I.A so I just catching up, hoping yuo are enjoying being pregnant!

  2. You’re back! Yay!

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