Baby Moon

So Chris and I did a ‘Baby Moon’ of sorts a couple of weeks ago.  And by baby moon, I’m referring to our last ‘fun’ trip out of the state pre-baby.  Some couples do very elaborate, exotic trips, but that wasn’t in the cards for us with my work travel and holidays and showers coming up.  Plus, the idea of laying on the beach isn’t NEARLY as enticing when I know that I can’t drink any booze AND I can’t lay on my belly or back.  =)  So….we went to Dallas.


Why Dallas, you ask?  Truthfully, I had to go anyway for work….so we just extended the stay to have some fun.  I had a great time!  We got to do a little shopping while we there….specifically for my home office and Baby Hott.  For my office, I got this great corner desk from IKEA (I got the dark brown with brown table legs, not red…this isn’t a picture of my desk, but it’s very similar):

I love it!  Our home is rather small..with small rooms….so I wanted a corner desk so that I could still have a guestbed in the room and not feel entirely too crowded.  I’m kinda OCD and weird with some things, so I knew that if I wasn’t comfortable in my work environment I wouldn’t be as productive as possible…thus the redecorating and new furniture.  The desk is all set-up, and we also got a new bed for the room.  Here is a bed that is very similar, except the shelves on mine don’t go up three sets, just two…and I have drawers under the trundle:

I will post pics of the room in a few weeks when it’s all done and put together.  I’m hoping to have my office completely  moved to home before the end of October….so I’ll keep you posted!

As far as stuff for baby, Chris and I went ahead and bought the stoller/carseat that I’ve been wanting.  I found a really good deal on Amazon ($100 cheaper than any retailer I had seen), and when I told the staff at Buy Buy Baby in Dallas, they matched the price for me (without me having to worry about quality/shipping issues and costs/etc).  We went with the Britax Be Safe/Britax Be Agile travel system in black:

B-Agile / B-Safe Black Travel System

I researched the HELL out of carseats and strollers and this one was my favorite, hands down.  The car seat has amazing safety ratings and has all the extras I was wanting (strap adjusments on the front, base leveling on the base for intallation, etc), and the stroller was by far the lightest and easiest to fold, lift, drive, handle, etc of all that I tried (I honestly drove at least 10 different ones around the store).  While in Dallas, I ran into two different moms who were using this stroller and I was that weird person that stopped them and asked if they cared if I asked them about their stroller, lol.  I only got positive feedback, so I was sold.  It feels good to have bought this!   I’m so excited.

I also went to the Rhea Lana sale in Dallas (I had never been) and had a blast.  I got in early with the ‘new mom’ pass, so I was able to get a few good deals.  I got this Chico travel high chair (which retails for like $40) for $12:

Caddy Hook On High Chair - Red

I also got a whole bag of maternity clothes and a bag of baby clothes….it was fun.

When I got home, I was shocked at some of the presents I had gotten in the mail!  My boss (this one I knew was coming, as he told me) got me the 4 moms MamaRoo as my baby gift…he said that it was the only thing that worked with his newborn a couple of years ago when it came to sleeping:

It’s not anything I would have purchased, as it’s super fancy, but I’m excited to have it because it seems amazing!  We shall see…I’ll do a full review next year sometime.  =)  My work also sent me a gift:

4moms 'Breeze' Playard

It’s the 4Moms Breeze playyard.  This thing is put together with one motion and can be taken apart with the same motion.  It looks modern, which I like, and has a good bassinet for the top which is probably what we’ll have Baby Hott sleep in while she’s in our room for a few weeks.  I couldn’t believe they got me this….it wasn’t cheap!  I think my boss may have had something to do with it…that guy is awesome.

So yeah, back to the Baby Moon.  We did some shopping….ate some good food….watched the Razorbacks play with some great friends..went to a piano bar….and overall took it a little easy.  It was a good trip!

I went straight from Dallas to Houston for work….and I got back late Thursday.  I was totally worn out to say the least.

Ok, back to work….

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2 thoughts on “Baby Moon

  1. Sara

    I LOVE that bed! Can’t wait to see pics of it all set up 🙂

  2. Heather

    The bed is awesome. Those are such great gifts you received, and very helpful. I can’t wait to see the nursery all set up, also.

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