I’m an A student

I got the call on Friday- my blood work came back normal! Whoo hoo!! What a relief. I would have been soooo depressed if I’d had to be on some sort of meal tracking plan for the next several months.  Thanks for all the kind comments and texts thinking about me….I was stressing out!

So this past Friday was our 3D scan of Baby Hott- I was so excited!  For my first big ultrasound (the gender reveal one), I had a little caffeine before the appointment (which I gave up when I got pregnant) to make sure she’d move around and let us see her body parts, and she moved around like crazy the whole time.  For the second major ultrasound (where they confirmed gender again AND checked the heart/other organs/etc), I had some chocolate milk on the way to wake her up and that did the trick…she moved around like crazy again.  Before this appointment, Chris told me not to do either because we might not get good picture with her moving so much.  BIG MISTAKE.  The little stinker slept through the whole appointment…cuddled up RIGHT next to my placenta with her arm pretty much covering her face.  I moved around and layed on different sides, but nothing worked to get her to rouse.  We got little glimpses of her, but not much.  We got one picture that SORT OF shows her face (look at those cheeks!)….and note that the weirdness covering her mouth/half of face is her arm curled up…and I’m not sure what the thing is to the right, but it’s not her ear (otherwise I’d be having a Shrek baby!):


Finley 3D

This ultrasound was an elective one (we went to BabyFaces in Bentonville- they also did our gender reveal) that only cost $100.  The tech was so sweet- since we had such a hard time seeing her on Friday, she’s going to do the scan again (for free) this coming up Friday!  WHOO HOO!!!  Another scan!  And this time I’m not listening to my husband- I’m having a little soda on the way to wake this baby up.  At this point in pregnancy, the books say that babies have distinct routines developed now….and I’m pretty sure Baby Hott sleeps from about 11 to 4 or so every day.  She’s in for a surprise on Friday!  LOL.

Got a busy few weeks coming up- have a big meeting this Wednesday (that my CEO is coming in to attend with me…joy)….going out of town to visit the in-laws this weekend….and will be out of town all next week for work.  Time is flying by.

As of tomorrow I’ll be 27 weeks- which means a 90% chance of Baby Hott surviving if she comes early.  What a relief.


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4 thoughts on “I’m an A student

  1. congrats on passing the test! I love the u/s pic. She’s already super cute. heheheh.

  2. Glad you passed the glucose test. I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how that went. I almost texted you and asked, but I figured you would update (here) as soon as you knew. Good luck with the upcoming busy weeks! Talk with you later!

  3. Sara

    so so cute!!!

  4. Ack!! I have to do better at reading the blog! I’ve missed so much since the last time I read.
    Sooo glad to hear about the test. I failed my first test with Aryah, too, and ended up falling asleep in the doctor’s waiting room before the three hours were up. Nice.

    And look at that sweet little face!!! I can’t wait to see her. Around her due date, of course. 😉 ♥

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