The first three weeks

I cannot believe that it’s already been three weeks since Finley made her arrival- doesn’t seem possible!  I’m going to briefly describe each week of what I can remember, then I’ll get to some specific questions that I want to continue to update at least every other week in order to keep track of things.

WEEK 1- We spent half of the first week in the hospital (Fin arrived on Tuesday and we left on Friday cause we wanted an extra night with the nursery)…mainly just entertaining people who came to visit, breastfeeding and trying to get a little rest.  When we came home, my mom came with us and stayed three nights.  I didn’t plan on her coming (or ask her to), but she had planned on it and I couldn’t say no.  She helped out with cooking/cleaning and baby-holding, so it was nice for a couple of days.  Fin (like most babies) lost weight those first few days-  she was born at 9.4 and went down to 8.8 by Friday.  She was an ‘eager eater’ (according to the lactation consultant) from day one, so she was always wanting to nurse…at least every 3 hours, usually every 1.5-2 hours.  My milk came in on Saturday, although I wouldn’t have even noticed it if Finley hadn’t detached suddenly one time.  A lot of women warned me that my breasts would become hard and hurt and look totally different, but mine never did that.  Not sure if it is because I never had a chance to get engorged (since she’s been so attached to me since day one) or what, but I’ll take it.  We nursed a LOT those first few days home and Fin was sleeping in 2-3 hour increments.  She hates having her diaper changed


WEEK 2- Had our first peds appt that Monday, and Finley had gained 6 oz in three days (since check out on Friday).  WOW!  Maybe my milk is part half and half?  LOL.  Doc said she looked perfect and was gaining weight back on track and sent us on our way. I was disappointed with the lack of information that the doc provided (I was expecting some percentiles or some “don’t do this” or “make sure you do this”) and how short the appointment was, but happy for the good report.  Scheduled her 1 month follow-up for the 21st.  Chris and I got into a sort of schedule this week where he will stay in the living room each night with Fin while she sleeps (she’s a super loud sleeper and I’m still paranoid enough that if I’m in the room with her trying to sleep I can’t sleep at all) and then he sleeps during the day while I’m up with her.  We found that if she’s on our chests (on her belly), she’ll sleep 3-4 hours…but if we put her down on her back we’re good to get an hour.  She doesn’t like being on her back at all.  She’s doing better this week at diaper changes, so that’s good.  This week we had a few rough nights where she just wanted to use me as a pacifier to soothe herself.  Not sure if it was gas or a growth spurt or if she just wanted the comfort of sucking, but it was REALLY hard on me.  I was exhausted…my boobs hurt so bad every time she would latch…. and neither one of us were happy about the situation.  I started giving her some gas drops and Chris was able to start getting her to take a paci some, so that helped a lot.  After a couple of days it was better.  This week was also the week that my hormones went nuts. On several different occasions I would just start crying.  I wasn’t thinking about anything…I wasn’t sad…I wasn’t overwhelmed or stressed….I was just crying.  I think it worried Chris a bit, but it didn’t last long thankfully.


WEEK 3- The cord FINALLY fell off of her belly button (we had been putting alcohol at the base for a while to dry it out), so I was able to give Fin her first bath.  She didn’t love it…think she got too cold.  I bought a space heater the other day, though, so maybe next time will be better!  Finley is still an eating machine, and she quite a good sleeper.  The other night she slept for 6 hours straight..I woke up in a panic, convinced that Chris had fallen asleep holding her and something had happened.  My boobs were NOT happy about going 6 hours between feedings either….don’t want to do that again anytime soon.  Since then I’ve been setting my alarm for every 4 hours and waking her up if I need to.  Nursing got MUCH better this week.  Until earlier this week, every time Fin would latch I felt like she was stabbing my  nipple with a knife.  It was a brief pain, but it was excruciating.  One day this week I woke up and nursed and the pain just wasn’t there anymore…thank god.  I still get sore if she nurses a lot in one day, but nothing like before.  WHOO HOO!


I know I forgot a lot, but hopefully that helps someone out there know what to expect those first few days.  All I can say is that you need someone (hubby/mom/friend/etc) that can help you get some sleep and help with diaper changes/etc…especially if you are breastfeeding because you are going to feel like that is all you do.  Get food prepared ahead of time or have a meal train scheduled to help because that’s the last thing you’ll want to mess with!  Download a good app to track feeding/diapers.  Have some gas drops on hand at the house before you bring baby home.  Also have some stain remover, because the poop just keeps coming.


Questions to keep up with:

1. Is your baby back up to birth weight?  We weighed her at home (me weighing without her, then holding her) last night and she was 9.8…so yes.  She has an appointment next Friday and I’m curious what they will say she weighs…I’m guessing 10 lbs by then!
2.  Are you breastfeeding/how often?  Yes- solely breastfeeding (she hasn’t had any formula and I haven’t started pumping yet).  According to my app I feed about 4 hours a day (yikes), at an average of every 3ish hours.  She usually eats for 20-25 minutes on one breast and then I feed off the other the next time.
3. How is momma’s recovery?  Have you lost weight?  Are you still bleeding?  Can you walk around and lift things?  I’m doing awesome.  I stopped taking any pain pills 3 days after surgery and have been walking around since the morning after.  I’m still not suppose to lift anything heavier than Finley, but I know I could.  I feel great.  As far as weight, as of my appointment on Monday I am down 27 lbs.  I gained only 15 during pregnancy, so I’m actually 12 lbs lighter than I started out.  Weird, I know.  I’ll take it.  I’m still bleeding, but hardly at all.  I’ve only been wearing a panty liner for a couple of weeks now (thank god, I hate pads…make me feel gross).  All in all, I’m super happy with my recovery!  I go back on March 5th for my 6 week appointment…I know Chris is excited for that one, as I’ll hopefully get the ‘go ahead’ to go back to all physical activities.  =)
4.  Who is helping?  Is Dad around?  Chris is off work and is SOOOOO much help!  I’m loving every second of seeing him be a daddy.  He’s off until April if he wants, but I’m guessing he’ll be off a couple more weeks and then start going in a few days a week until we get into a good routine.
5.  How is the sleeping situation?  Finley sleeps great as long as she’s on top of mom or dad!  LOL.  If we have her on her belly on our chest she will sleep anywhere from 3-4 hours (she’d go longer at night if I didn’t wake her up).  We know this isn’t a permanent scenario, so going to start putting her in our room some next week and ease into it.  Wish us luck!

6.  Any baby milestones this week?  Well, Finley came out of the womb lifting her head, so that’s not new.  No major milestones I guess…looking forward to her smiling on purpose in a few weeks, though!


That’s all I have for now- have a good weekend all!


Finley annoyed look

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3 thoughts on “The first three weeks

  1. Sara

    Awesome – thank you for the expectation setting!

  2. So glad you’ve had a good recovery! I was getting really jealous about how long you said she was sleeping at a time, until you said that’s with her sleeping on your chests 😉 We’ve struggled with sleeping situations from the start, and right now he’s in the Rock n Play at night. It’s hit and miss. Sometimes he’ll go 3-4 hours, sometimes he’s up within 45 minutes of being put down and ends up sleeping on one of us or in the bed with us (ugh, I know). Hope you have better luck with the bassinet/crib/whatever you plan to put her in! 🙂

  3. So glad everything is going well!

    And that photo is the first time I’ve thought she’s looked like you and not like Chris!

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