Week 4 and 5 / One month

Holy Hell does time fly!  Can you believe that my baby was a month old on the 21st?  It’s really shocking.  Parents have always told me to “enjoy every moment” and that “time goes too quickly with your kids”….and I suppose they were right.  I literally blinked my eyes and BAM…I have a one month old!

Weeks 4 and 5 were challenging for me.  First off, Finely has proven the lactation consultant correct and has continued to be a very eager eater.  We’ve had several days in the past week where all she wanted to do was cluster feed.  Instead of feeding every 3-4 hours, she was eating and WITHIN THE HOUR demanding to eat again.  I’d try anything/everything to calm her down/make her happy, but the only thing that would work was putting a boob in her mouth.  This was exhausting and got to be painful by the end of each afternoon.  On top of this, I started pumping a few times at night….so my breasts have gotten a good work-out to say the least.  I feel like a milk cow.

Secondly, I’m just not getting very much sleep.  Fin will sleep for 4 hours at a time a couple of times at night, but by the time I get up and around…feed her…get her back to sleep….pump….wash the pumping components…get myself back to sleep..etc, I’m only getting 2.5- maybe 3 hours each time.  I’m just not use to only getting 5-6 hours of sleep a night.  I’m sure I’ll get better and handling it- I have to!  And I know, I know…it could be much worse.

Third- Fin has just been fussy.  She’ll wake up and eat and be happy for 20-30 minutes…and then after that she’s just plain fussy.  She’ll scream and fuss until I either feed her or get her to go back to sleep.  I know she’s gassy because I can feel her tummy and feel the gas moving around….and she scrunches up her little body in pain when she is able to pass gas…but not sure if this is it or not.  We’ve tried gas drops and gripe water, but nothing is really helping. She’s been like this for about a week now and it’s so frustrating!  I can tell she’s hurting and I can’t do anything for her.  Our pediatrician isn’t worried about it…says it is normal…but I hate it.

And finally, my little nugget just isn’t traveling very well when it’s just me and her.  Without someone in the back seat, I feel like she gets scared and then she works herself up.  And by works herself up, I’m telling you…this girl will sweat through whatever she is wearing and scream til she spits up.  It’s pitiful!  A 45 minute drive the other day took me 2 hours because I had to stop so many times to calm her down.  It makes me feel awful and really makes me not want to go anywhere alone with her until she does better.  Poor girl.

The normal questions (although I’ve decided I’m going to do away with these or change them as many of them won’t really change much now):

1. Is your baby back up to birth weight?  Yes!  We had her 1 month appt on the 21st and she weighed 10 lbs and 3 oz.  Almost a pound up from birth weight and more than a pound up from her last appointment.  She’s also grown a half-inch and is 22 inches now.  This puts her in the 83% for height and 79% for weight.  It’s funny looking at her now, because I think she looks LESS chunky than when she was born.  Maybe the weight is just spreading out more or something?  Who knows.  She’s pretty perfect if you ask me.

2.  Are you breastfeeding/how often?  Yes- solely breastfeeding (she hasn’t had any formula).  I’ve started pumping a few times a day/night, just to build up some supply for when I need a break.  Chris gave Fin her first bottle and she scarfed it down in no time.  Since then she’s only had 2 more and she likes them just fine and goes back to the breast just fine as well.  I’m feeding less often this week, which is nice…about every 3 hours now, sometimes an extra feeding or two thrown in during the day.  Finley would probably go 5-6 hours at night if I’d let her, but I’ve been waking her after 4 so far.  Will probably start stretching that out this week.

3. How is momma’s recovery?  Have you lost weight?  Are you still bleeding?  Can you walk around and lift things?  I’m doing great- feel totally back to normal, actually.  Last time I weighed I was down 13 lbs from before I got pregnant, so happy with that.  Haven’t really been tracking it any more.  I’m sure I would lose a lot more weight if I’d stop eating so much during the day…I’ve been a little out of control!  I don’t know if it’s the breastfeeding making me hungry or just me being bored or what….need to get it in check.  I haven’t been bleeding for a couple of weeks now- yay!  I have my 6 week appointment this week, so hopefully I’ll be cleared to go back to normal on everything (lifting/exercising/taking baths/sex/etc)…

4.  Who is helping?  Is Dad around?  My mom has been coming over once a week for a few hours, and my hubby is still home on paternity leave.  I’m dreading him going back to work!

5.  How is the sleeping situation?  We’ve been making great progress on this, but still have a ways to go.  Finley will sleep 3-4 hours three times in a row at night.  We put her in her rock and play by my side of the bed for a few nights in a row and she slept like a champ.  Then, a couple of nights ago, I started putting her in the pack n play to get her use to the flat surface so that the crib transition wouldn’t be such a big jump.  She did great the first night, but last night she was NOT having it.  She’d be sound asleep and the minute I laid her down in the pack n play her eyes would open wide and she’d start fussing.  We’re working on it!  I’m really thinking we’re just going to bite the bullet and start putting her in her crib soon- next week at the latest.  I know it’ll be hard at first, but getting her out of my room will be good b/c I hear her every sound and it keeps me up a lot.

6.  Any baby milestones this week?  At 4 weeks Finley started smiling on purpose.  It melts my heart and makes me so so happy….

I owe you the 1 month pictures and some other updates, but this is the best I can do for today!

Sleepy Naked Baby Smiles Sleeping Smiles Serious Baby




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3 thoughts on “Week 4 and 5 / One month

  1. gorgeous little baby!! Here’s a tip: store your pump parts in the refrigerator so you only have to wash them once ever 24 hours. The milk you pump is good in the refrigerator for several days (and good for like 4 hours at room temperature), so the milk IN the pump parts will not spoil/get bacteria if stored in the fridge. It helped me tremendously! Just a thought!

  2. SO cute!!! Time does fly!!!

  3. Sara

    Thank you for the update! I take lots of notes 🙂

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