Weeks 6 and 7

As of yesterday, Fin is 7 weeks old.  It’s so cliche to say, but time really does fly at this stage.  I don’t know if it’s because her looks change every single week or because she’s doing new things daily, but I feel like I blink and a week goes by.  It’s going too fast.  I always though I’d want to skip the whole first several months, just due to how needy and scary they can be, but now I realize how precious every stage must be and I’m so thankful and appreciative of every little thing.  So…what’s new with Finley and parenthood?

When Finley turned 6 weeks old (last Tuesday), I bit the bullet and moved her into her room/crib at night.  I’d been thinking about it for several days…just because of how noisy she is when she’s sleeping..and when I looked at the calendar and realized that Chris is going to be gone for a week very soon I figured there was no time like the present.  I was a little nervous at first, but the fact that we have a video monitor and a movement monitor made the logical part of my brain think “she’ll be fine, Jen….just relax.”  The video monitor is great, but it can be addictive.  I’ve taken to calling it Finivision because I watch it non-stop any time I hear a sound (and sometimes when I don’t).  I’m trying to get better with that.  So the camera (which we mounted up in the corner near her crib) has this little green light on it when it’s on, and I’ve noticed that when Finley wakes up sometimes she just stares at the light.  It IS the only light in the room at night, so I don’t blame her.  What’s weird about this, though, is that by her staring at that light she is also staring into the camera itself.  This can make for some pretty freaking scary pictures on the monitor!  Case in point:

Video monitor demon child

Now TELL me that wouldn’t scare the shit out of you out of a dead sleep if you looked at it!  Seriously creepy (for such a beautiful baby, of course).  You may also be curious what the movement monitor is…well…it’s peace of mind.  It’s a square tile that goes under the mattress that senses the slightest of movements (including breathing).  If the monitor is on and doesn’t detect any movement for 15 seconds then it sounds an alarm.  So far, we have not had any false alarms.  There have been times when Chris has picked Finley up out of her crib and forgotten to turn it off first (so it went off), but that’s it.  With her laying on her back and possibly spitting up, etc, this really makes me relax because I know she’s breathing without me having to watch her.  Totally not a necessary monitor, but totally worth it for the peace of mind it provides to me across the house at night when Fin is in her crib!

So how are our nights going now?  Amazingly.  She has really transitioned better than I could have hoped for!  Our schedule so far has been something like this:

  • 7: feeding
  • 8- 9: nap
  • 9- 10: bath (every other night)/swaddle/relax time
  • 10: feeding
  • 11- put Finely into crib (sometimes fully asleep, other times half asleep)
  • Sometimes between 2:30 – 3:30 she’ll wake up and I’ll feed her and she’ll immediately go back to sleep
  • Sometimes between 7 and 8:30 she’ll wake up and I’ll feed her again

From there it varies….often she’ll nap again for another 2 hours after her morning feeding.  For the last two nights I’ve gotten a 3.5-4 hour stretch at first…and last night I got a 5.5 hour stretch!  She’s really doing great.  And the more we do this, the better I’m getting at not waking up to every little sound in the monitor. I’m working on it.  Now we really just need to work on a nap routine during the day!

Bath time has also gotten better since I’ve gotten the ok to bath and have just been having her join me.  I’ll take a super hot bath for about 20 minutes, then I’ll add some cool water and have Chris bring me Finley.  I’ll have her on my chest with a washcloth over her to keep her warm (or have her lay down on my legs so that she’s pretty much in the water mostly) and she’s really enjoying it!  I’ll probably do this until she can sit up on her own or until she starts to enjoy it on her own more.  So far this is the only thing that keeps her from crying during bath time….and in fact she loves it!  Last night was the best yet, as she just kept smiling and cooing at me most of the time.  Too damn cute.  I’m just happy she didn’t shit on me.

What else is new this week?  Hmmmm…I’d say that Finley has really turned over a new leaf as far as interaction goes.  Most people can get a smile from her when she’s happy…and she is THISCLOSE to talking back to me after a feeding.  You can see in her eyes that she’s trying…and her mouth is moving…but the sound just isn’t there quite yet (on purpose).  It’s adorable.  She smiles a lot with her eyes and it just melts my heart.  I try to capture it on film, but as soon as I get that camera or phone up, all she does is stare at it and focus in on that vs me.  Oh well.  One for the memory banks.

Fin is also enjoying laying on her back more, finally!  She’ll lay around and kick and kick and move around..and until this week she wouldn’t do that at all (didn’t like put down much, really).

Overall, my baby is also much happier this week.  She still has her bouts of gas that really get her worked up, but she’s generally pretty content.  She’s growing and changing so much, especially this past week.

As for me, I passed my 6 week check-up with flying colors.  Uterus looks good…vagina is still beautiful (thank you, c-section)…my scar is healing perfectly and I have no signs of postpartum.  I got the go-ahead for some late-night activity with the hubs, normal activity, work and hot baths.  We discussed birth control options, and I actually ended up getting on a very light pill.  I was planning on just using condoms for a while, but there is a newish pill out that doesn’t have progesterone and only works if you are breast feeding…and my doc said it wouldn’t affect fertility at all…so I’m trying that.  We shall see.  I still haven’t had a period or any bleeding- yay!

Ok, time is up (shocking).  Below are the adorable birth announcements we did, as well as a couple of pics…enjoy!



Baby Love

 Car ride to Grans

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5 thoughts on “Weeks 6 and 7

  1. Puckett

    ” now I realize how precious every stage must be and I’m so thankful and appreciative of every little thing”

    Love this.

  2. The birth announcements were adorable!!!

  3. Sara

    Oh, this update makes me so happy! She is beyond precious. I’m so happy for your adorable family.

    PS: tell me more about the movement tile…. what is brand? I just messaged Randall that we are getting this!

    • I haven’t forgotten about you, Sara! I’m going to try to post this week about the movement monitor, as well as several ‘must have’ items that I’ve personally vetted. =)

      • Sara

        Cool! In your “must have” list – can you include what you used for the first few weeks for her to sleep in? This whole registry thing is totally overwhelming 🙂

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