Months 8 and 9

I’m trying to keep up, but I guess I’m not doing a great job at it nowadays!  Maybe now that I’m more settled and in a routine I will be able to keep up with the monthly updates…guess we’ll see.  Here is the latest:

  • We officially sold our home in Bella Vista and are once again Fayetteville residents!  Yay!  I cannot tell you what a relief it is to be out of the old house and back into a town I view as ‘home.’ The packing and moving process was HORRIBLE with a baby, but we managed through it and now we are all set-up in our rental while we continue to look for our next house to buy.  I’ll be honest- I haven’t spent a lot of time recently looking at homes…it’s just hasn’t been a priority when there has been so much other stuff going on.  Hopefully that will change soon.  Want to know one of the best things about our new rental?  We are literally within 5-10 minutes from several good good friends…and I love it.  I love my friends in Rogers/Bentonville/Bella Vista, don’t get me wrong, but here we have more friends who are not only closer, but more willing to come over AND less busy on a regular basis.  It’s nice and something I didn’t realize I needed so badly.
  • Work is going well, except for the craziness that is the beef/brisket market right now.  It’s killing my costs and causing me lots of headaches.  I am getting a lot more work done nowadays, though, because I have put Finley in a Mother’s Day Out program a couple of days of week.  2 days most weeks…sometimes 3 days if I have a lot going on.  I cried the first couple of days, but now I’m feeling better about it.  Fin doesn’t seem to mind it and I get soooo much done while she’s there…it had to be done.  I was falling behind and didn’t have anyone to help me with her at home anymore so it is what it is and I’m ok with it now.  It’s been an adjustment, but I think that both Finley and myself have done well with it.
  • I’m feeling decent postpartum, but my hormones are still out-of-whack and I still want to eat everything I see all the time because of the breastfeeding.  I thought I’d lose all kinds of weight while I was breastfeeding, but instead I want to eat all the time and I’ve slowly been putting weight back ON instead of losing more.  It’s annoying, but I’m about to start working on slowly (like over the course of a couple of months) weaning Fin so at least I know after that I can really focus on myself for a bit and get back where I want/need to be.
  • My plan for weaning being developed…I don’t know exactly what I want to do because I’m really have mixed feelings about the whole weaning thing.  On one hand, I love that I’m still nursing Fin and giving her all that liquid gold…and I LOVE LOVE the snuggles and sweet time I get with her while breastfeeding (because face it, I have a wild child and if she wasn’t nursing I’d never get snuggles)…but on the other hand I’m really ready to start working on myself and ready to get my hormones back in balance.  I’d probably stretch out nursing past 1, except I have a vacation planned for late Jan right after Fin’s bday…and I want to have her weaned before I leave so that it’s not a shock for her while I’m gone…and so I don’t to pump/worry about it while I’m gone.  So I have a date.  I’m thinking that within the next couple of weeks I’ll cut out a daytime feeding and give her formula mixed with bm instead…and then after a week I’ll cut out the other daytime feeding…then the morning…then eventually the night…til I’m all done.  I think.  I’ll keep you posted.

Speaking of Finley, that baby girl is growing like a weed.  I’m always shocked when I look back at the previous update and realize how much more she’s doing than just a month or two ago!

In September (month 8), she began really crawling like a champ (fast…and determined, unlike months 6/7 where it was more of an army crawl or slow crawl) and saying mom/momma all the time.  She definitely knows her momma, lol.  She also continued right along with being a good eater, eating pretty much anything we put in front of her.  Finley also started waving bye-bye and clapping on her own during month 8.  She had two of her bottom teeth (center) pop through right at the end of month 7, and that’s all she still has to date.

In October (month 9), Fins started saying Dada and Bye-Bye and I think I’ve heard dog, but not 100% on that one.  She also started playing peek-a-boo this month…on her own (as in holds a blanket over head and all).  It’s adorable.  Fin has decided she GREATLY prefers ‘real’ food to baby food, so we give her purees, but we also give her bits and pieces of whatever we eat as well. So far her favorite has been pork chops/gravy with mashed potatoes and green beans.  She loves chewing and smacks her lips all the time, lol.  Fin can now walk behind toys…and quickly!  Fin also started taking a big-girl bath this month, with no hamper in the tub with her…just her on a bath-mat in the tub!  She loves it so much more, which makes it better.  Since Fin started Mothers-Day-Out this month, she also got her first cold (booo), followed by her first ear infection (booo again).  We had a rough couple of weeks, but she’s doing much better now and we’re all happier because of that.

Fin 8 months stank face

month 8 and month 9

9 months spitting

What are the stats and what does the doctor say?

We had Fin’s 9 month check-up near the end of October.  She weighed in at 18.12 and was 28.15 inches high.  Very average- 50-something percentile for both.  Her iron levels came back low (I guess that is very common with breastfed babies), so we’ve been giving her iron drops and increasing her meat intake.  She gets retested next week and they’ll see if it’s higher- if not, she’ll have to do a blood draw and we’ll go from there.  Fin also got her flu shot at that appointment- she handled it well and gets her booster next week.  Doc said she looks great and is right on track developmentally.

What is Fin eating?

I’m still breastfeeding….about 4-5 times a day. She gets baby food and/or cereal 2-3 times a day and ‘real food’ at dinner when Mom and Dad are eating. Fin LOVES guacamole, pork chops, spaghetti and puffs.  She’s a good eater so far.

When does she sleep?

She’s been sleeping well since she got over being sick.  I put her down about 7:30pm and she sleeps until 5 or 6.  I nurse her at 5 or 6, then she’s back down til about 7:30am.  She is still taking two naps a day- one late morning (around 10) and one late afternoon (around 4).  Sometimes she’ll sleep great (1.5 hours…or if she’s laying on daddy she’ll sleep 2-3 hours!), and sometimes it’s more like 45 minutes.

What do your routines look like?

We are in the process of dropping a nap so the routine is tweaking as we speak. It’s mostly like this:

  • Wake for the day around 7:30 and nurse and then change diaper/get dressed
  • Finley will bounce her in bouncer for about 30 minutes while I eat breakfast/get her breakfast ready
  • Around 8:15 I put Finley down on the floor with her toys and she’ll crawl around while I do some work
  • Breakfast for Fin (cereal/fruit) is around 9, followed by more playtime
  • 9:45/10- goes down for a nap and sleeps til 11 or 11:30
  • I nurse her when she gets up, then playtime
  • 12:30- lunch, followed by playtime
  • 3:30/4- down for a nap.  Sometimes I nurse her before nap, sometimes after…depends on how well she ate lunch and how tired she is
  • Dinner at 6pm- veggies and cereal (and maybe some adult food depending on what we are eating)
  • Bath at 7pm
  • Nurse/Bedtime around 7:30

What size clothes and diapers are you wearing?

9-12 month clothing and still doing cloth diapers (one size).

What are some things you love?

Mommy is your favorite thing ever…followed by your stuffed dog/husky and your lovies.  You are very sweet with them..carry them around/lay on them/kiss them…it’s very sweet. You love crawling around….you love standing on anything…you love to ‘rough house’….you love the outdoors….you love drinking water from cups/sippy cups…ou love to be tickled…you like to go places and be out and about….you like to have mommy crawl around and chase you…you like to play peekaboo…you are busy busy!

What are some things you don’t like?

You don’t like mommy to walk through the room and not talk to you. You don’t like ANYTHING when you are really sleepy. You don’t like taking medicine.  You don’t like getting back in your car seat after a quick errand.

What are some thing you can do?

You are so so so talented! You can sit…crawl…pull up…cruise….give kisses….play peek-a-boo..walk behind your elephant…give yourself a bottle…give a high 5 (although you only seem to do this for Daddy)…put yourself to sleep….I know I’m forgetting stuff!

What are we looking forward to in the next month?

Let’s see…we have a trip to Russellville in a couple of weeks for Thanksgiving, which will be nice.  Mommy has a trip to Dallas without Fin/Daddy in December…and she’s both excited and nervous to be gone for 3 whole nights.  I think that’s about it.  =)


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2 thoughts on “Months 8 and 9

  1. Melissa Werner

    Yay for the update! You really will be grateful for this! Looking back, I can barely remember a darn thing. My blog is my savior!!!

    Sent from Melissa’s iPhone…


  2. Sara

    Echo the “yay for the update!” I furiously take notes 🙂 She is SO adorable!!!

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