About me and my TTC Journey

Chris and Jen- paper

In all of my thirty years of existence I never imagined that I would be exactly where I am today. I’m married (6-3-06) to an amazing, handsome man…I am very succesful at my job….I have the best friends a person could hope for…and I’m still living in Arkansas after getting here 20 years ago. I travel too much and plan my days back home too full, but that’s life. This blog started as way to keep people updated on most things in my life, but it has primarily turned into a way to cope with my infertility.

I have always known that I want kids…and when I say kidS, I am completely serious in that I would love 3 or 4 or 5. Hubby has always said he would cut me off at 3, but now we find ourselves in an emotionally and financially draining journey in which we cannot even have one. At least not yet. This is our journey to make our family thus far….

2006– Hubby and I marry (after meeting/dating each summer since 2001). At this point I had been on the pill for 10 years…and of course I stayed on it, since we were on the ‘5 year plan’ as far as kiddos were concerned (stupid me…hindsight’s a bitch!)

2010– Got off the pill and started PNVs

2011– Started timed intercourse (monitored through OPKs) and realized that I don’t ovulate very often. Started going through different tests at that point with my wonderful OBGYN. Glucose test showed low, so started Metformin. Doctor also started me on a steroid (dexamethasone) at this point.  Husband’s swimmers were tested, and tests came back perfect.


  • February– Clomid 50 mg to ovulate + TI.  BFN.  Had HSG test this month- tubes were all clear (and that test hurt like hell, FYI)
  • March– Clomid 100 mg + TI.  BFN
  • April– Clomid 100 mg + IUI #1 + Progesterone 3 DPO- BFN
  • May– Clomid 100 mg + IUI #2 + Progesterone 3 DPO- BFN
  • JuneSeptember– took a break from Clomid and continued TI- BFN
  • October– Letrozole 2.5 mg and TI + Progesterone 3 DPO- BFN
  • November– Letrozole 2.5 mg and IUI #3 + Progesterone 3 DPO- BFN
  • December– Letrozole 2.5 mg and IUI #4 + Progesterone 3 DPO- BFN


  • January-March- TI, without ovulation-inducing meds.  Continued on Metformin, PNV and Progesterone.  All BFNs
  • April- First RE appointment with specialist in Little Rock.  Diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility (blergh!) and told we’d start FSH injections in addition to clomid.  IUI was done on April 24th (on the 22nd had two 20mm follicles- one on RO and one on LO)
  • May- +HPT on May 6th!  Beta was 90.  Second Beta on 5/8/13 was 193- officially pregnant!  First ultrasound on May 21st showed TWO sacs- it’s TWINS!!!  May 28th- Second ultrasound- both babies have grown perfectly and are measuring at 6weeks and 2 days.  No heartbeats at this point, but development looks healthy and normal.
  • June- June 11th- received bittersweet news.  Baby A stopped growing at 7 weeks 2 days and doesn’t have  heartbeat.  Am told that I will miscarry for sure- no chance of viability.  Baby B measured perfectly at 8 weeks 2 days…heartbeat of 175.  June 24th-4th ultrasound.  No change with Baby A (still attached, so doesn’t look like it will pass anytime soon), but Baby B measured 10 weeks 5 days (perfect) and heartbeat was 167.
  • August- Baby B is a GIRL!!!!!!!  YAY!!  20 week scan showed that she is growing and measuring right on track with no issues.  EDD is still Jan 15th, 2014
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