Finley’s Birth Story

I apologize for taking so long with this- let’s just say that blogging hasn’t been a top priority for me over the past 3 weeks!  I’ve thought about it and wanted to do it, but time just runs away from me.  So…without further adue…here is what went down (in bullet point format, as I’m just trying to remember whatever I can):

  • If you recall, the last ‘plan’ we’d had was to have an appointment on January 20th to check progress….and if nothing had happened at that point we were going to induce on the 22nd.  We went to our appointment on the 20th as planned, and we saw Dr. Terry (who was the on-call doctor for the 22nd since I wanted to meet him before he delivered our baby if possible).  I REALLY liked him….he was candid…funny…laid back..easy to talk to and pretty young.  I was instantly at ease with him.  He checked me, and I had not progressed at all…still a -3 station (meaning baby was still REALLY high), still about 1 cm and 60% I think.  Dr. Terry did tell me that he thought Finley was probably big based on how was I carrying her/my belly/etc.  I had been telling Dr G this for weeks, but he kept telling me “you’ve only gained 15 lbs….you’ve measured spot on every week…we’d know if she was really big.”  So Dr Terry goes outside to see what time I would need to check in for my induction on Wednesday…and ends up the schedule was packed for Wednesday.  That’s when he told us to show up THAT NIGHT (Monday) to start the process and that I’d be induced the following morning.  Chris and I were kinda in shock.  Yes, we knew we were having a baby that week…but to be told to check in that day?  We just weren’t expecting that.  Shit got real, lol.  We went home and tied up some loose ends (took dogs to doggie daycare/set up the pack n play in our bedroom/etc) and checked into the hospital at 6pm on Monday, Jan 20th, at 5:30pm
  • We got into a room by 6 and I was immediately told to take all my clothes off and put on the beautiful blue hospital gown and get into bed.  As soon as I did that, I got hooked up.  And not hooked up in a way like they have me some cool stuff….but literally hooked up to a bazillion monitors.  I got an IV started in my left hand and was given fluids.  I had a blood pressure cuff hooked up to my right arm that went off every 15 minutes.  I had two straps wrapped around my belly and hooked into place that monitored contractions and the baby’s heartbeat.  And then I had some other monitor stuck to my chest for my heartbeat.  I was a little overwhelmed at all this…just seemed to get serious really quickly.  I was given 50 mg of Cytotec (which is suppose to soften the cervix) at 6:30 and was told I’d have another pill at midnight if I hadn’t kicked into labor by then.
  • I got another 50mg of Cytotec around midnight since I hadn’t progressed at all.  Was having contractions according to the monitor, but I didn’t feel anything besides what I thought were Braxton Hicks contractions still.  Seeing them on the monitor was super exciting to me.
  • After midnight was the longest night EVER.  Every time I shifted from one side to the other (since I couldn’t lay on my back and my hips were on fire after about an hour of laying on them), the monitors would shift and I’d lose the baby’s HB…and the nurse would have to come in to adjust.  Every time I had to pee (like ever hour since they were giving me IV liquids), I had to unhook monitors and go and then come back and plug in and then have nurse come in to readjust.  Needless to say between that and the blood pressure cuff going off every 15 minutes I didn’t get any sleep.  I was told around midnight that I’d start pitocin around 6am unless something happened overnight.  I was exhausted and starting to stress about not getting any sleep because I knew the next day could be a long one.
  • At 5:45 am, the nurse came in and said “let’s prep you for your epidural!”  I was so confused…I hadn’t started Pitocin yet and was feeling no pain whatsoever, so not sure why they wanted to start it so early.  By 6:30 it was in..followed by a catheter…and then at 7 they started the Pitocin.  LOVED having the epidural for three main reasons- one, I got the catheter and no longer had to get up/unplug to go pee.  For the first time in like 5 months I never had to even think about peeing!  Two-  I could lay on my back or sides or however I wanted and never got sore or uncomfortable.  Again, it’d been several months since I’d been comfortable, so this was nice.  And three- I never had to feel any more of the ‘checks’ or them breaking my water or anything….totally comfortable.
  • Around 8am I met the doctor that would be delivering my baby- Dr Hinton.  Loved her immediately and am soooo glad it ended up being her!
  • Every hour they would up the Pitocin and my contractions were getting closer and more intense (but I didn’t feel anything).  Still wasn’t progressing dilation-wise.
  • At 1:30 they stopped the pitocin because Finley’s hb was dipping down after each one.  The rolled me on my side and I had to have some oxygen at this time.
  • At 2pm they broke my water and put internal monitors in me/on Finley to monitor her heartbeat and the contractions.  Goodbye to the belly monitors- yay!
  • 2:30- back on pitocin
  • 3-5pm- upped pitocin again (every hour)
  • at 5:45 I had progressed to a 3 and 80%, but still a -3 station.  This is when the doc talked to me about the possibility of a c-section..said she could already feel Finley’s cone-head from trying to go through the birth canal and that one of the main reasons babies couldn’t go through was due to their size….which she thought I might have a big baby (keep in mind this is the first time I’d seen this doctor so she was eye-balling it).  She told me it didn’t really matter how much I dilated or effaced unless Finley would move down, which she hadn’t budged from her -3 station yet.  She said let’s go another couple of hours and we’ll see where we are and I agreed.  A c-section didn’t scare me….but the thought of pushing for 6 hours and THEN having surgery totally did.
  • At 8:45 I was at a 5 and 100%…but still a -3 station.  Dr. Hinton came in to discuss options with me and I had already made the call to do the c-section.  I wasn’t in pain or in a hurry, but I kept thinking that I could end up pushing for hours and hours and putting me and Fin in stress and STILL have a c section.
  • Went into surgery a little after 9pm.  They just increased my epidural meds so no spinal block.  I shook a lot from the meds….and as soon as they got me in the surgery room and set-up I started crying….emotions/nerves/etc…who knows.  They asked if I was ok and I just said I needed a moment and then I was ok.  They brought Chris in and he sat down and that’s when I smelled my burning flesh.  SO WEIRD to smell that and know you are being cut open and not feel anything!  The doc and I chatted the whole time (me through chattering teeth)…ends up she had fertility treatments too, so we had a lot to talk about.  At 9:32 they pulled Fin out and she started screaming immediately and the doc said “She’s a big girl!”  I got to see her and they took her to the side to clean her up (Hubby went with).  She stopped crying and just looked around…so crazy.  Doc told the nurse to give me a little extra time with her so we got about 5 minutes to look at each other before they took her off to the nursery.  The nurse was a little impatient because Fin had to do extra tests since she was so big (glucose/blood sugar stuff…which she passed, thankfully).9 lbs and 4 oz of love!  And she’s 21.5 inches long- wow!
  • I went to recovery for about 45 minutes and then was wheeled to my room.  In the meantime, hubby was with Fin in the nursery taking pics of her getting weighed/a bath/etc.  I was so nervous that she’d be asleep by the time I got to hold her, but they wheeled her in the room right after I got there and she was smacking her lips and looking for me when I started talking to her.  She latched immediately and nursed and I cried and we just layed together for at least a couple of hours.  Bliss
  • The next morning at 6 am (about 9 hours after surgery) they took out my catheter and I asked for some iv meds and then got up and walked a loop around the hospital wing I was in….I had been told the sooner I got up and pushed myself the better my recovery would be.  That first walk was tough, but so glad I did it….I have had a great recovery and feel really good.  I stopped any pain meds about three days after being home and have been great.

All in all…I LOVED my experience.  I didn’t feel any pain…I didn’t have to deal with complications or stress on me or Finley…my recovery thus far has really been remarkable…

 I have so much more to share about the first few weeks (can you believe Finley will be 3 weeks tomorrow?!?), but I hear the little piglett calling for me right now.  I’ll try to do better about carving out some time!  I’ll leave you with our first family picture (I snapped a pic of the pic on my camera, so quality sucks)..
First Family Pic
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Houston, we have a baby!!!

A much more detailed post to come next week (including birth story), but for now I’d like to introduce you to Finley Claire Hottinger!  She was born on January 21st via c-section and is 9 lbs 4 oz of pure perfection.  I mean seriously…have you SEEN a more beautiful baby (besides your own, of course)?!?


Ever After- Finley on hands Ever After- Finley Smiles Ever After- pink ottoman

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40 Weeks- Fully Cooked!

We did it folks….we made it to 40 weeks (full term) without any hiccups.  Baby Hott is thriving in my womb and momma is still feeling pretty decent.  Such a blessing.  Now that we’ve accomplished this, let’s get the show on the road!  I’m ready to meet this kid!

I had an appointment yesterday on my due date and was a little disappointed to discover that I hadn’t made any progress towards going into labor.  I was at a -3 station (meaning baby is still pretty high/not engaged), 1 cm dilated and 60% effaced.  No change since last time.  I’ve been saying for a while that I just don’t feel like this baby is going to come on her own accord, and I still feel like that will most likely be the case.  Sooooo…..doc has decided that if she doesn’t come this weekend/early next week, we will induce on Wednesday when I am 41 weeks.  I told him I was comfortable going longer, but he doesn’t like to go over 41 weeks.  So January 22nd is her eviction date if she doesn’t choose to come on her own beforehand…..and I’m betting Jan 22nd will be her b-day.  =)

Does induction bother me?  No.  Does the thought of a c-section bother me?  No.  How about a vaginal birth?  Nope.  You know what DOES bother me?  Tons of people I know (and don’t know) telling me how they want my labor and delivery to go.  I’ve heard it all (some all from the same person, which means there is no way I can do it the way she wants/prefers) so far.  “Oh, I hope you have a c-section like me so that you don’t mess up your lady business.”  “Oh, I hope you have a vaginal birth so that you can experience that pushing and bonding that I did…nothing like it.”  “Oh, I sure hope you don’t have to be induced, I’ve just heard horror stories about that.”  “Oh, I hate that you are going over your due date…..hope your baby isn’t too big and you have to push her out!”  I mean seriously, people.  Shut the fuck up.  The truth is, there are horror stories that go along with EVERY SINGLE WAY OF DELIVERING.  Truth is, I would love a chunky, healthy baby.  Truth is, there are major advantages to each method of delivery.  Truth is….as long as me and Baby Hott end up healthy, I’ll be the happiest girl on the block.  So maybe think before you speak sometimes…especially when telling horror stories or giving your two cents on what you want for us when I literally could go into labor at any moment.

You know what I am concerned about?  Being induced and having a really long and tough labor and THEN and up having to have a c-section.  This is a real concern of mine and it’s a real possibility with induction.  You just never know how your body is going to react when you are trying to trick it into doing something that it naturally does on its own.  I’ve heard great stories, and I’ve heard terrible ones (note that MOST of the time when you hear a story it’s horrific…the normal ones and great ones don’t get shared as much for some reason), so who knows.  The thought of working so hard to push this child out…going through the mental and physical challenges….and then having it not work and ending up with surgery (and recovery from BOTH vs just one) would be a big bummer and a literal pain.  So fingers crossed that doesn’t happen.

I’m also concerned about friends/family at the hospital during/after delivery.  The whole thought of who is coming up and when and how long they will stay just really stresses me out.  I know my mind might change when I’m there and all, but as of right now I really just don’t feel like I’m going to want company for a while.  I DEFINTELY don’t want company when I’m in labor (anyone…period) and without an epidural.  After I’ve had an epidural, I might not mind a person or two stopping in, especially if it’s a long process…..but I just don’t know.  One thing I DO know is that I do NOT want company for a while after the baby is delivered.  I want that time for me and Chris and baby.  I want that time to bond…to try to breast feed…to remember the moment.  The last thing I want is to watch from my hospital room as my new baby gets passed around from person to person during flu season.  I hate that thought so much.  I would take the whole evening if I could, but I’d feel too guilty doing that.  Heck, I feel guilty just saying I’m going to take an hour or two!  Everyone says “do what you want…your the mom and it’s your baby,” but that doesn’t mean they won’t get their feelings hurt or think I’m being crazy.  It’s really a tough decision.

So what’s my plan?  I’m just going to tell people who I’ll text them when I’m ready for them to come up or come to my house or whatever.  And I’m going to post a sign on the door that says no visitors…and yes, unless you’ve received a text from me asking you to come up, THIS MEANS YOU.  I know you may be my sister…or my mom..or my close friend…or my in-law…..but yes, this means you too.  I don’t really know how else to handle it without you showing up and me having to tell you to leave and then feeling awful about it and probably hurting both of our feelings, ya know?  So I’m being clear up front in all my texts and communications…we’ll see how it goes!  If you do show up and there is no sign on the door, then come on in.  But if you show up and the sign is there and you didn’t get a text from me, don’t text me and be like “I’m here!”  Cause what spot does that put me in?  awkward….

Anyway, on one hand I feel like I’m being reasonable and focusing on what is important to me and my child…and on the other hand I just feel bad because I know so many people are just so excited and can’t wait to meet this little girl!  It’s frustrating.

In other news, I’m huge.  If you don’t believe me, just ask the lady at WalGreens who said “Wow!  Are you about to pop or what?”  Or the lady at WM this week who wanted to know how overdue I was.  Or the girl at the movies who said “How many you got in that thing?”  I shit you not.  People just don’t think sometimes.

That’s the latest…and now for the 40 week update!

Week 36 preggo pic from alpha mom

Baby is who knows how big…it’s just a guess at this point.  Feel free to comment your guess if you want….I’m thinking if I have her next week she’ll be around 8 lbs and 12 oz.  Big.  She feels big.  Who knows.  I also bet she’ll be bald.  We shall see…

How far along? 40 weeks, which she measured at during the appointment on Wednesday.  Fully Cooked.  Ready to go.

Total weight gain: No change, so total weight gain so far = +15lbs.  I should note that my belly has really grown, though….so not sure how the lbs are not going up.  It’s weird.

Maternity clothes? Yes, any time I leave the house.

Stretch marks?  Man, I spotted a few this week.  I thought I was going to get off without getting any, but not looking like it.

Sleep:  Not well.  Better if I have the bed to myself (poor hubby), but still up at least every 2 hours….and usually ever hour-hour and a half.

Best moment this week: Reaching my due date with a healthy baby girl.

Miss Anything? Besides sleep?  Not much.  Having energy.

Movement:  Yes, but it’s slowed down A LOT over the past week or so.  I think she’s crowded in there.  Still getting the movement minimums so that I don’t have to worry, but definitely less than last few weeks.

Food cravings:  Sweets.  Orange rolls from Crumpet Tea Room.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really.

Gender prediction: She better come out a girl!

Labor Signs:  1 cm dilated and 60% effaced, still.  This girl is comfy and snug as a bug….don’t think she’ll be coming on her own anytime soon.

Symptoms: Frequent urination.  Sciatic nerve pain. Shortness of breath.  Lack of energy.  Nesting.

Belly Button in or out?  Out when I stand, in when I sit.

Wedding rings on or off?  On, but tighter every day.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy, but tired….

Looking forward to:  Meeting a perfect baby girl within the next 6 days!

Next appointment: Monday, January 20th.

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39 Weeks down…

I don’t really have too much to say this week!  It’s been a productive one as far as baby stuff goes (packed the hospital bag, made some post-delivery ‘panty sundaes’ to put in the freezer and bought just about every single thing I could possibly think that I might need for those first few weeks).  Are some of you scratching your head about the panty sundaes?  Or even just cringing at the word panty?  LOL.  They are something I read about online the help ease the pain/etc from vaginal deliveries.  It’s possible that I may never use them (if I end up with a c-section for some reason), but I thought that I might as well make some just in case.  What is a panty sundae/what’s in it?  I made mine like this:

  1. I took a ginormous (long/heavy flow) pad and spread about a teaspoon of aloe vera gel on the top
  2. On top of that, I took a tablespoon or two of witch hazel and poured it over the aloe gel/pad
  3. I then wrapped each pad individually in foil and put into the freezer
  4. When it’s time to use them (when home from hospital), you take one out as needed and top it with epifoam (which is a numbing agent) and BAM.  Panty sundae.


May sound silly, but the craziness a vagina goes through  top push out a little (or big) nugget is not funny at all.  I’ll try anything to heal!


The only other thing I really want to try to do over the next week is make some freezer meals…or at least cook some chicken/taco meat/etc and freeze it to help with meals after Baby Hott is here.  I don’t have a lot of energy and don’t know if I’ll get around to it…but I’m going to try by golly.

This week’s update:

Baby keeps growing, despite being so crowded in there. He probably weighs around 6.2 to 9.2 pounds and measures about 18.9 to 20.9 inches. He’s probably able to flex his limbs now.  His brain is still rapidly developing — he’s getting smarter by the week! His nails may extend past his fingertips.

How far along? 39 weeks, but baby measured at 40 weeks today.  I asked the doc if that means she’s big and he just said it’s normal to measure up or down a week so I went with it.

Total weight gain: Up a lb (I think it MIGHT have been the boots I was wearing), so total weight gain so far = +15lbs

Maternity clothes? Yes, any time I leave the house.

Stretch marks?  No new ones that I can see.  But there is a LOT of my body I can’t really see too well right now!

Sleep:  Fuck…I don’t wanna talk about it.

Best moment this week: Spent NYE with some good friends and had a great time!

Miss Anything? Besides sleep?  Not much.  Having energy.

Movement:  Yes.  I have noticed that she moves most when I’m laying down and no one is talking.  If I’m talking it’s like she doesn’t want to miss anything or gets shy.  But as soon as I lay in bed and it’s quiet….she goes nuts!  Lots and lots of kicks to the right ribs lately.

Food cravings:  Sweets.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Some smells have been bothering me lately, but not to the point of puking or anything.

Gender prediction: Girl

Labor Signs:  1 cm dilated…braxton hicks contractions.  Don’t THINK I’m having any for real contractions yet, but who knows…this is all new to me.

Symptoms:  Frequent urination.  Sciatic nerve pain. Shortness of breath.  Lack of energy.  Nesting.

Belly Button in or out?  Out when I stand, in when I sit.

Wedding rings on or off?  On, but tighter every day.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy!  And starting to get a little nervous.

Looking forward to:  Knowing “this is it”

Next appointment: Wednesday, January 15th… due date and my DH’s b-day!

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A Few Nursery Pics

I’ve been asked to share some nursery pics, so please enjoy!

Nursery CanvasNursery ABC wall

Nursery Changing Table Nursery Crib and Mobile Nursery Pic Frames Nursery Sweaters Nursery Wonder Woman

Nursery with Jen in front of crib

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Maternity Pics

A good friend of mine, Cherron, took our maternity pictures a few weeks ago. Much to my surprise (not because she’s not talented, but because I hate picture of myself), I liked some of them! Here are a few of the keepers (NOTE: check out Raining Light Photography for your photo needs!):


Belly to belly

Yes, that’s my husband up there, sticking out his baby bump too

Chris and Jen outside good Hotts and Dogs 2 Jen and Belly by tree Jen and Chris BW in nursery Jen and Chris in nursery 2 Jen behind tree Jen BW silhouette


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38 Weeks!

38 weeks…I really never thought I’d make it this far.  I just assumed I’d have problems/issues and not be able to grow a full-on baby, but look at me!  Holy shitballs I’ve done it!  It’s an amazing feeling knowing that as soon as Baby Hott wants to make her appearance will be just fine health-wise.  Sure, I’m scared to death that something may go wrong in labor and delivery, but I’m trying not to focus on that.  Instead, I focus on all these kicks to the ribs I’m constantly getting and rest assured knowing she’s safe and healthy right now.  It’s a good feeling.

As those who read my blog know, I have had an amazing pregnancy thus far.  Sickening amazing, especially to those who didn’t have easy pregnancies.  When I think about not being pregnant within the next few weeks, it’s a little sad to me.  OF COURSE I’m excited for all things to come, but I’m really going to miss this crazy experience so so much.  I really hope I get to experience it again someday, but for now I’m going to try to enjoy every last second that I can.

That being said….it’s getting harder and harder to get around!  I still feel great, but simply rolling over from one side to the other is quite the feat, and watching me trying to clean my house or cook is a joke due to the number of ‘breaks’ I have to take to get my breath.  And sleep?  Oh man….I miss sleep.  I feel like I’m hanging in there pretty well, but it would be simply amazing to sleep for 3-4 hours at a time, at least!

So….non-baby stuff….let’s see:

  • Christmas was last week, and it was simply ok.  DH and I went to my parents’ house on Christmas Eve and stayed the night and came home the following day.  One of my sisters and her child (almost 4 years old) also stayed, which ended up really trying my nerves.  I have 13 nieces and nephews…and I love love love them all…but this youngest one, so far, is just a brat.  It’s not her fault at all and I don’t blame her for her behavior, but it’s awful.  She whines ALL.THE.TIME.  If she doesn’t get what she wants as soon as she wants it, she throws a fit/screams/runs off/shakes violently/etc.  She doesn’t sit and eat with adults (she doesn’t really eat….she had cake for dinner on Christmas Eve and a roll for lunch the following day from what I saw).  She isn’t potty trained at all.  She won’t keep clothes on.  I could go on and on, but let’s just say my nerves were shot.  On top of this, my dad overheated the house (they have  wood burning stove for heat…and once it’s too hot you are screwed) and I got too overheated and had to lie down in the back room with a fan on me to avoid passing out.  Let’s just say I was ready to get home that day!
  • The evening of Christmas I got home and started having stomach issues and then vomiting.  It was awful!  I’ve always hated puking, but puking with a big ole’ 9 month preggo belly is so so so so bad.  I really thought it was going to throw me into labor.  Not sure what the problem was (stomach bug?  food issues?  reaction to some meds?), but I’m good now.
  • My good friend Beth from CO (we became friends when we were doing our masters at the U of A) came into town this weekend and stayed a couple of nights with us…..and it was soooo good to see her!  I’m so happy for her and all that she has going on, but I miss her dearly and selfishly wish she’d move back home to AR.  =)
  • Another good friend from college also came to visit me yesterday- I felt so spoiled!
  • Chris and I have been to 3 movies in the past couple of weeks- Catching Fire, The Hobbit and Anchorman 2.  He’s off work until the 2nd, so we MIGHT go see one more sometime this week if we get our to-do list all done.

And now for the weekly update:



Baby is about 18.9 to 20.9 inches long and weighs about 6.2 to 9.2 pounds. His head is now about the same circumference as his abdomen. He may have about an inch or so of hair already. He’s slowly shedding that white goo on his skin (called vernix caseosa) but you might see some of it at birth.

WHY don’t they just say that Baby is about the size of a BABY?!?  Seriously, a pumpkin at this point?  Oh well…I’ll go with it. 

How far along? 38 weeks

Total weight gain: As of this morning +14lbs.  I had gained 2 lbs at last week’s appointment, but then lost 2 lbs at this week’s appointment…so back to +14lbs total.

Maternity clothes? That and PJs is pretty much it.  I’m sleeping in a sportsbra and shorts now….with the belly it’s really quite the look.

Stretch marks?  No new ones that I can see.  I can see veins under the skin, though, which sometimes make me think they are stretch marks?

Sleep:  Ha.  Screw you.

Best moment this week: Finding out today that I’m officially 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced!  Whoo hoo!!  Progress.

Miss Anything? Just sleep, mainly.

Movement:  OMG she wakes me up kicking me in the ribs all the time now that she’s not breech.  And I can watch my stomach move around at least 3 times a day…I love it.  The rib kicks, though, can chill.  😉

Food cravings:  Anything sweet.

Anything making you queasy or sick: This week has been weird and I’ve had some weird nausea since last Wednesday, but better now.

Gender prediction: Girl girl girl!

Labor Signs:  Dilation and effacement….braxton hicks contractions.

Symptoms: Same as previous weeks, except for the nausea and vomiting this week…which I hope are completely unrelated.

Belly Button in or out? Officially out now, except when I am on my side in bed, then it’s kinda flat.  I noticed it through my shirt for the first time the other night at the movies.

Wedding rings on or off?  On, but tight by the end of the day.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy…and tired

Looking forward to:  Next appt

Next appointment: Wed Jan 8th

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36 weeks down, less than 4 weeks to go….

Hello hello!  I’m a little late this week, but better late than never I suppose.  Right?  Plus, this past weekend and week thus far has just been CRAZY busy….feels like I’m running a race or something.  Here is what went down:

  • Last Thursday was the first day since the ice storm that I got out of the house.  I ran errands in Fayetteville and visited with a few folks, and then I had a lovely dinner at The Catfish Hole with a good friend, Greg, and my husband.  Dinner was fabulous (as it always is at that place….the hushpuppies are to die for) and catching-up was even better.  Lots of fun.
  • Last Friday- busy busy day with work and then finishing up the nursery.  The nursery had to be 100% finished before Saturday, as we had our make-up maternity pics scheduled for Sat morning.
  • Saturday morning- maternity pictures at our house.  Chris and I both HATE having our pictures taken, so hopefully they will turn out ok.  He made me laugh a lot, so I worry that a lot of them will be goofy.  But…we’re goofy, so maybe that’s appropriate.  We shall see.  I hope to have them this weekend, so I’ll share my favorites next week!  Plus, the photographer (a good friend of mine) took some detail pics of the nursery for us as well, so I’ll make sure and share those too.
  • Saturday noon/afternoon/evening- Christmas with the in-laws.  We usually go to Russellville and have X-mas at Chris’s mom and dad’s house around Christmas, but this year they ( MIL/FIL and the SIL/BIL/Kids who lives in Russellville) they traveled to NWA so that I wouldn’t have to make the trip.  We celebrated at my other SIL’s house in Springdale and it was good to see everyone.  Have I ever mentioned that I hit the jackpot when it comes to my in-laws (all of them)?  Seriously…they are fantastic.  Love them.
  • Sunday- final baby shower (the one that was rescheduled due to the ice storm)!  It was co-ed and very low-key.  Loads and loads of people showed up and we had a lot of fun!  We played a few games (first shower with games, and I enjoyed them), ate, did presents, etc.  A few people got drunk, which was entertaining.  Baby Hott was spoiled beyond belief and I left here with a heart full of love and gratitude.  A few of the hosts have recently come into my life (last 1.5 years or so) and they are such blessings, contributing to my life in so many ways


That brings me to this week, which has been busy as well!  We had our first weekly check this past Monday when I hit the 36 week mark.  I was anxious for this appointment, mainly because I wanted to know if Baby Hott had flipped like I thought she had….and I wanted to know if I had dilated/effaced at all.  Blood pressure was perfect and I weighed in a +2 lbs vs a couple of weeks prior.  Doctor checked me out and said he’s 95% sure that baby flipped- yay!  So glad that she’s cooperating.  Then again, I’m not mad at the thought of a c-section… maybe I would have been happy either way?  I think I’m just happy that my body/baby is doing what it’s suppose to do at this point.  Yes, that’s it.  As for dilated and effaced, I was neither.  Doctor said that’s the norm for first time moms at this point.  I was kinda happy to be 0/0…..because once you start progressing you’d better be ready!  I needed another week to feel ready.  =)


Yesterday my mom and I went to Tulsa to finish up our Christmas shopping and finish up my ‘must have’ list of items I wanted pre-baby that I had not bought or received yet.  It was a very successful trip, but boy o boy it wore me out!  I forget how easy I have it working from home.  Get me out for 6 hours walking around I start waddling like I’m holding a bowling ball between my legs!  I was drained by the time I got home, but it was totally worth it.  Why?

  • We went to Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us (neither of which we have in NW Arkansas) and found lots of good deals.  Plus, I’d been saving coupons and had like 9 “20% one item” coupons that I was able to use to add to the good deals
  • I finished up my Christmas shopping (except for my BF’s two girls)
  • I now have nothing left to buy on my ‘must have’ baby list!  I have a few things I’ve ordered through Amazon that haven’t come in yet….and a few things that I’ll need in a few months but don’t want to worry about now…but everything else is here/unpacked and organized.  It feels so good!


Geez, this is probably really boring to any of you not pregnant…I just realized that.  Ok, here’s the weekly update!


Baby is the size of a honeydew melon!  He’s still in the 17.2 to 18.7-inch and 4.2 to 5.8-pound range and continues to beef up.  Your once-poppy-seed would probably be able to breathe on his own if he was born right now.  (If not, he’d probably need some TLC, but he’d likely be okay.)  Most of his systems and his organs, such as his liver and kidneys, are in working order at 36 weeks.

How far along? 36 weeks

Total weight gain: +14 lbs as of Monday

Maternity clothes? Yup- anytime I leave the house and decide to shower/get out of yoga pants!

Stretch marks?  I really can’t tell.  I have some old ones that are really light and I can’t tell if there are more or not?  Sometimes I think I see one and then I think maybe it’s just veins under the skin?  Who knows.  Guess we’ll know for sure when my belly goes down!

Sleep:  UGH- the worst.  I have trouble going to sleep…and when I wake up (like 6 times a night) I have trouble getting back to sleep.  Luckily we have Christmas and New Years time off soon, so I’ll hopefully get more naps in then.  =)

Best moment this week: So many.  Catching up with friends.  Seeing that the baby flipped.  A kick-ass baby shower.  Seeing pics of a friend’s newborn baby (friend was due on the 21st and had a c-section on the 18th and welcomed a sweet 8 and half pound baby girl….who is BEAUTIFUL….and everyone is happy/healthy).  Finishing our nursery and my ‘must have’ list!

Miss Anything? Good sleep.  Being comfortable in most sitting/laying positions.

Movement:  Still tons, but it’s different than it was a few weeks ago.  She’s very aggressive with her movements (Chris got to feel some of those this past weekend and he was kinda shocked) and I’m feeling lots of kicking in the ribs now.  It’s crazy to feel her stretch out from crotch to ribs or side to side from now and then….I feel like she’s huge!

Food cravings:   Sweets.  Carbs.  Anything not healthy, pretty much.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Gender prediction: Girl

Labor Signs:  Braxton Hicks

Symptoms:  No changes

Belly Button in or out?  Flat to out.  Depending on her position, she pokes it out every now and then.

Wedding rings on or off?  On, but noticed earlier this week that they are tighter.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy.

Looking forward to:  Christmas Party on Saturday night…Christmas next week

Next appointment: Monday, Dec 23rd.

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A boring update- WK 35

Before I forget, had several people reach out to me individually after my week 34 post….that was very sweet, thank you.  I hate that some of you feel the same in your pregnancy, but I’ll admit that it’s nice not to be along with it all.

I have no left my house since last Thursday  morning….and I haven’t washed my hair since last Friday.  Gross, I know.  We have been snowed/iced in FOREVER.  I am going nuts.  Chris went back to work this afternoon (University opened around noon), but he emailed me and told me I wouldn’t want to drive anywhere because of our back roads by our house.  Bummer.  I was REALLY wanting to get out and about for a few hours.  Plus, his office is doing a baby shower for us today at 4pm and now I’ll miss that.  I smile, though, at Chris having to open presents and play guest of honor all on his own.  =)  Biggest bummer for today, though?  Having to reschedule my dinner plans.  At least they just got moved to Thursday and not next week!

I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed with things to do before Baby Hott get here.  I know I’m suppose to have 5 more weeks…and that’s plenty of time…but it doesn’t always work out that way!  At this point, I could go in next week and have protein in my urine or high blood pressure and the doc could be like “head to the hospital, it’s baby day!”  That scares the shit out of me.  I need a few more weeks at least.  I still have several things on my to-do list, which I’ve narrowed down by weekly deadlines to ensure I don’t go too crazy and at least get the most important ones done first.  This week- finish the nursery.  Next week- set up the car seat and pack the hospital bags.  The list goes on, but at least the hardest/most time-consuming stuff is done (such as washing all the babies clothes and organizing her closest/registering/etc).



Baby is the size of a coconut!  Baby Hott is about 17.2 to 18.7 inches and around 4.2 to 5.8 pounds.  By week 35, these systems are all a go in baby:  hearing is fully developed, the circulatory and musculoskeletal systems are complete, and his lungs are mature.

How far along? 35 weeks

Total weight gain: +12lbs.  I weigh in next Monday at my appointment, though, so that will increase.  I’m gonna guess +15lbs at that point.

Maternity clothes? Same as I have been for weeks- yoga pants and t-shirts at home daily for work, then maternity clothes when I go out.  Right now I’m trying to figure out what to wear for pictures this weekend….

Stretch marks?  Maybe 1-2 new ones?  I don’t really see any, but sometimes in certain light I think I see one or two.  Chris was looking at my belly the other day and said “You are rocking it on not getting stretch marks,” so I guess that’s good.

Sleep:  Rare for the past couple of weeks…even moreso the past week.  Averaging 1.5 hours at a time….and finding it harder and harder to get back to sleep after waking up to flip over/pee.  Thank god I work from home is all I can say.

Best moment this week: I’m gonna say that the best is yet to come (see looking forward to question below) for this week…but best that has already happened would probably be getting a lot done around the house.  We were snowed in, so while I had hubby at my disposal I put him to work…he cleaned ceiling fans…dusted the tops of cabinets….cleaned ceramics that were up high….etc etc.  Stuff that I ‘can’t’ do because I’m not allowed on a ladder.  I felt like we accomplished something.  =)

Miss Anything? Sleeping

Movement:  Lots of it.  I think that maybe she flipped around this week (fingers crossed)….I felt a turn and it was borderline painful and 100% awkward.  And the movements since then have felt a little different from before.  Maybe I’m imagining it, but I’m thinking she flipped.

Food cravings:   Food in general.  Haven’t been too picky.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope

Gender prediction: Girl girl girl, thank goodness

Labor Signs:  Braxton hicks

Symptoms:  Fatigue, frequent urination, sciatic nerve pain, shortness of breath.  And another that I just realize that I have failed to mention but has been ever-present for several months now- shitty skin.  I’ve been pretty blessed most of my life to have pretty clear skin without having to put forth much effort….but now it’s blotchy and oily and gross.  I can cover it up pretty well with make-up, but I hate it.  Can’t wait for this one to even out post-pregnancy!

Belly Button in or out?  Pretty flat

Wedding rings on or off?  On

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Coming out of a funk….better

Looking forward to:  Dinner Thursday…finishing the nursery on Friday….getting maternity pics over with this weekend….Christmas with the in-laws this weekend….last baby shower on Sunday….whoo hoo!  Come on Thursday!

Next appointment:  Next Monday, Dec 16th.  First ‘check’ and we’ll see if Baby Hott is still breech or not.

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Lost Mojo

Well kids….I know it’s a topic you’ve been wondering about for months now, so I might as well just address it.  That’s right- let’s talk about sex, baby.  Coming into this pregnancy, I had heard all SORTS of things from moms about sex while pregnant.  A good friend who has an average sex life told me that she just couldn’t get enough of it during her last couple of months.  Britney Spears recently went on record that the best sex of her life was while she was pregnant.  Another friend who is a horny toad told me that she pretty much went 9 months without sex at all because she didn’t feel sexy or comfortable.  It’s all across the board, so I didn’t really know what to expect.

Before we started trying to have a baby, DH and I had a WAY above-average sex life I would say.  I judge that simply by hearing about how often other people I know have sex with their spouses.  We were always just connected on that level (our chemistry is pretty much what got us together to start with) and it seemed that we were always ‘up for it’ whenever one or the other initiated.

When we first started trying to get pregnant we still had lots of sex, but it was just a little different.  I’m guessing just the purpose behind it made it more meaningful or special instead of just for fun?  I don’t know.  Still good…still plenty of it….

Fast forward a couple of years and we are paying for fertility treatments…tracking cycles every FN day….scheduling sex based on said cycles…trying to stay positive, but miserably failing inside.  I’m not sure how Chris felt about it during this time, but for me sex became somewhat of a chore.  Having to do it certain days…knowing certain positions were better for pregnancy outcomes….having a hard time ‘getting out of your head’ in order to really just let yourself enjoy the moment….etc etc.  I became depressed, of course, and having sex that didn’t result in a pregnancy was part of it.  I didn’t want to have sex as often, and we didn’t.  I would still buck up in between cycle days to try to keep the spouse happy, but it wasn’t the same…of course.

Then…BAM!  Pregnant!  WHOO HOO!!!  Depression immediately lifts (seriously- like instantaneously) and I feel myself getting my mojo back again.  In fact, the first month of pregnancy I found myself having sexy dreams at least once a week…which had been rare in the past.  This is all great until I hit about 5 weeks in my pregnancy.  What happened then?  OMG- terrible, terrible pain.  Every single time I would reach the big O I would immediately buckle over with severe cramps and my whole uterus would become rock-hard.  Not period cramps, mind you….more like “I’m going to throw up from the pain” cramps or “I might die” cramps.  I’d be doubled-over in the bathroom crying for at least 10 minutes (sometimes 20-30).  It was awful.  Sounds crazy, I know, but google it… something like “severe cramps after orgasm while pregnant” and you’ll see that I’m not alone.  I even (very embarrassingly, mind you) brought it up to my doctor because I was afraid something was wrong.  Ends up, it’s just caused by increased blood flow to certain parts of the body that actually does cause your uterus to contract.  It’s not harmful to the baby or mom, but it feels awful.  Needless to say, my vagina became off limits after the 3rd time this happened.  This phase/these symptoms lasted about 4-5 weeks.

Getting back on the sex train after that has been difficult.  I was mentally and physically ready after the pain from orgasm went away, but then we found out that we lost Baby A.  And I realized that getting pregnant didn’t equate to bringing home a healthy baby.  And even though I knew sex wouldn’t harm the baby, I had no interest in anything that could cause my uterus to contract…because what if?  And I’ll admit that I was a little depressed, which didn’t help.  This went on for weeks.  And yes, we did have sex a few times during that time….but very few times.

Fast-forward to hitting our 16 week appointment- everything with Baby Hott was fabulous, which was such a huge relief.  My stress level goes down significantly.  I realize that this baby is comfortable and healthy and happy in my womb and that I shouldn’t stress about it.  I feel my mojo coming back, finally, but then I am thrown another curve ball at my 20 week appointment.  At 20 weeks, I’m told that my placenta attached low.  Doctor tells me it’s nothing to worry about and that he’ll check it again at 32 weeks to see if it has moved up (which he said most do).  If so, great….if not, c-section city for me.  I walk out of the appointment not feeling too terrible, but then I make the worst mistake ever that evening…I google “low-lying placenta.”  DO NOT EVER GOOGLE shit like this if you are pregnant…trust your doctor.  I read horror story after horror story about people with low-lying placenta’s who had their blood supply cut off to their babies…who had babies die because of it…who were put on bedrest for months because of it.  The most common treatment was “no exercise….no sex….bedrest when possible.”  This terrified me to have sex, so off the sex train again we go.

At 32 weeks I find out that my placenta moved up (just at the doc had predicted) and that all is good.  Does this mean my mojo just picked right back up?  Nope, not yet.  At this point I’m not SCARED of having sex at all….I don’t fear for my baby or for any pain of any sort…but I’m having a hard time shifting my brain from mom mode to sex mode.  You see, baby girl is moving ALL UP in this belly at all times.  She’s kicking me…ticking me….leaning on my bladder….etc.  How to just ignore that and focus on some sexy-time is beyond me at this point.  For the first time in my life, I have no desire.  It’s just gone.  I still feel sexy…and I still find my husband incredibly hot and sexy….but I have no interest in sexy time.  Some girls feel like this all the time from what I’m told, but this is new to me.  And I don’t like it.  And I feel bad about it.  But it is what it is I suppose.  I’m just ready for it to come back.  I miss this part of intimacy.

And that, friends, is your TMI update for the day.  Now go out and get ya some.

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