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What I needed the first 3 months…

I have a couple of blog readers who I KNOW are pregnant at the moment (and I’m so excited for you), so I’m putting together a list of the top things I have needed/used over the last three months.  These are only things that I highly recommend and would totally register for/buy again in a heartbeat.  These are in no particular order..I like them all!  And these are things that I believe to be necessary, as they were for me/Finley…

For feeding (note that Fin is solely a breast milk baby at this point):

  • The Medela Pump in Style breast pump.  I’m sure there are several great pumps, but this is the one I have…and I like it.  It’s a double-pump and has great suction.  I started pumping at 4 weeks and pumped daily to get my supply up…and now I hardly ever pump since I’m with Fin 95% of the time.
  • A ‘hands free’ pumping bra.  I’m sure any brand will do just fine, but it’s SO much better than holding the bottles for 20 minutes each time you pump!  Trust me!  You’ll want to be googling all kinds of baby stuff on your phone during this 20 minutes instead.  I promise.
  • Tommee Tippee bottles (make sure and get the 0-3 month bottles, as they have the ‘slow flow’ nipples that won’t get your baby use to a fast flow and make her only want bottles).  These bottles are pretty ‘breast like’ and Fin had zero problems taking the bottle and going back to the boob whenever.  Dr. Browns bottles are also suppose to be great, but they have a LOT of parts to wash, so keep that in mind.

For sleeping:

  • For the first 5ish weeks, Finley slept in the Rock n Play we got from target.  Picture below.  It’s light…it folds up…we travel with it (still…so much easier than the pack n play at this point)…you can carry it from room to room at home…it worked for us.  We also have a sweet pack and play, but before we could transition Finley from the rock n play to the pack n play I had to kick her out of my room because she was so noisy…so we just moved her to the crib in her room.

rock and play

  • Finley is quite the mover, so we HAVE to swaddle her to get her to sleep well…otherwise her hands are in her face and they wake her up.  That said, her middle name should be Houdini, because she can get out of pretty much any swaddle.  Seriously.  Because of her special escape abilities, we found two things that worked/work for us: 1).  The miracle blanket.  This thing was the first wrap we found that could keep Fin’s arms in….and it worked well until about 2.5 months (just a size thing, I think) and 2). The halo sleep sack with swaddle.  This is what we are using currently, and it’s UBER user friendly and can be used for quite a while


  • miracle blanket
  • Halo

For diapering

  • We used disposable diapers for the first 2.5 months.  We preferred the Pampers Swaddlers to all other kinds we tried (and I hear it’s different for boys vs girls and chubby babies vs skinny babies, etc).  We are now in cloth diapers and loving it..but that’s a whole other post in itself.

For hygiene

  • The Nosefrida.  I know, it totally looks gross and might be ‘too much’ for people to think about, but it works WAY better than the suction bulb thingy..and Finley doesn’t mind it half as much.  Plus…and maybe I’m gross…but I like to see if I’m getting anything out.  Yes, you put one end in your kid’s nose and the other in your mouth and you suck out the snot.  Don’t fear, though, there are filters to keep you from getting anything in your mouth.  Trust me…get one. You’ll thank me later.


  • We’ve been using Aveeno bath products and lotions….with no problems.  They don’t smell fancy or anything, but they work and don’t break her out…so that’s a win in my book.

For sanity

  • We have two monitors.  The first is the Motorola 3.5″ video monitor.  It’s amazing and we love it.  You can see/hear/talk to baby/play music/etc.  It has great range and the picture quality is very good.  Some people don’t want/need the video monitor, but I need it for my sanity and it’s so nice to see if Fin’s making noises in her sleep or ready to get up.  The second monitor we have is the BabySense Infant Movement Monitor.  This is the one that goes under the mattress and senses if there is no movement (including breathing) after like 15 seconds.  We went with this brand for two reasons- 1…great reviews…and 2…the Angelcare one that everyone raves about just had a recall.  Needless to say, we are happy with our choice.  We have never had a false alarm and it was super easy to set-up.  All I have to do is push a button on the panel (see bottom right of crib..white box) once Fin is in her crib and that’s it.  Whenever I go to pick her up, I push button again. Easy peasy….and SOOOOO much peace of mind.  Love this.

monitormonitor 1

     monitor 2

  • Also for sanity are my baby carriers.  I use the plural on that, as I have three of them.  A little much, I know, but different sizes and temperments call for different things….and seeing as I’m a work-from-home mom, I have to do whatever possible to keep this baby happy and let momma get some stuff done!  For the first month and half to two months, I used Maya ring sling.  This worked perfectly for us.  Finley still loves it, but I don’t use it as much nowadays.  Mostly, I use my Ergo.  I use it around the house…when we go grocery shopping…when we go on quick walks…when I’m going to be around a bunch of people and don’t want to play ‘pass the baby’…etc.  If Fin is in it for more than 20 minutes she passes out.  Every.single.time.  The third thing I have is the BabyBjorn that I got at Rhea Lana.  It was uber cheap or I wouldn’t have bought it.  I don’t use it often (there are lots of reviews on how you should have your infants hips in a carrier…and the Ergo is the way to go from what I read), but it’s easiest for Chris to use AND sometimes Fin is just fussy and wants to face out and move around…so it’s good for that.
  • The Fisher Price sit-me-up. Finley thinks she’s a big girl and likes to sit-up a lot.  This can be tiring on mom and dad, so we tried several different seats and what-not.  We tried swings…we have a MamaRoo and she likes it just ‘ok’…we have the Bumbo….and then we have the Fisher Price sit-me-up.  She loves it!  It’s much softer than the bumbo and has more ‘give’ in my mind.  Highly recommend

sit me up

Fin yawn in chair


  • Finally (and yes, this goes under sanity)…invest in several different infant gowns.  We have SOOOO many clothes for Fin, but for the first month and half she just lived in the same 5 gowns because they were easiest for changing diapers and getting on/off.  When you are up every few hours, you don’t want anything complicated!  I’d avoid leggings/buttons for as long as possible, at least at night.  =)
  • infant gown

That’s really all I can think of at the moment…I’m sure I’m forgetting something (and if so I’ll edit this and update the preggos I know), but this is a good start.  I’ll try to do this every few months and maybe start a “Fin’s Favorites” or something.  =)  Hope this helps someone!

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3 months

I should probably wait to write this update since I’m in a really foul mood and all, but who knows when I’ll have another little bit of time to dedicate to this…so I might as well get it in while I can.  I’m not going to go into the whole story about why I’m sitting here crying at my desk, but let’s just say that I’ve OFFICIALLY learned that I can’t count on the two people (besides my hubby) in my life who I always thought I could count on most. It’s irritating and frustrating and all that, but mostly it’s just sad and disappointing.    I guess I always just expected my friends and family to be there for me…especially when I ask for help…and even more so when they say they will be…but obviously I’m wrong to have those expectations.  Chris just looked at me this afternoon and was like “are you surprised?”  I wasn’t.  Just sad.  But I won’t be again, because I won’t set myself up to be disappointed, at least with these two.  The flip side to this is that I have had several friends and family come out of the woodwork over the past few months- cooking meals/offering help/having us over/coming to visit/etc.  It’s been very surprising and I’ve learned a lot about the loving and giving nature of a select few.  It’s saved me, really….at least my sanity.  And it’s taught me that I’m not the bad guy for having expectations within my relationships…because some people will meet and even exceed them if you let them in.  I’m learning, trust me!

Things in our world are very, very crazy and busy at the moment.  Finley turned 3 months old yesterday, which blows my mind.  Isn’t she cute?

Fin 3 months leaning over laughing Finley 3 months great pic Finley 3 months laughing Finley 3 months pretty Finley 3 months squint eyes

We have also decided to list our house, which is totally exciting, yet totally stressful.  I wouldn’t stress over it too much, but there are a few things that need done before it goes up (May 1st) and it’s really hard to get said things done when I’m working, watching a 3 month old and going out of town every weekend.  Let’s just say that I have a LOT to do this week and I have no idea how I’m going to get it all done.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, because I need all the luck I can get!  The other stressful part of having the house up is that I’ll have to have the house uncluttered with baby stuff and be gone (remember that I work from home..with an infant and two dogs) whenever they show the house.  Ugh.  It’s gonna be a long few weeks if this thing doesn’t sell quickly!  Again, cross your fingers for us!

This past weekend we took our first big road trip with the baby, and she did great!  We went to Dallas for a wedding reception, and we had a great time.  Fin doesn’t generally do too well in the car, so we left out Thursday night around 8pm and drove straight through…and she slept the entire time.  When we got to the hotel we unpacked and I fed her and she went right back to sleep until 9am…she was perfect!  The reception/party was a lot of fun, and we got a lot of compliments on how well-behaved Finley was the whole time.  I said thanks, but I also let them know that it was just a good day and that she wasn’t always THAT good.  =)  I decided to drive us back Saturday night (10pm to 4 am) vs waiting til Sunday as well, and I’m glad I did…Fin and her drunk daddy slept the whole way home.  =)

My biggest news this month is a big deal to me- we finally paid off all of our debt.  For the first time in I don’t even KNOW how long (I’m guessing 10+ years), we are debt free.  I paid off my 4 runner this month, and we paid off the last of our private loan that we took out about a year ago to pay off credit card debt.  The only thing we owe on now is our house.  Crap…I guess that means we aren’t really debt free?  I don’t really count the house.  Is that fair?  LOL.  I can’t even explain to you the relief and freedom that I feel at this moment!  Whoo hoo!

Now for the monthly round-up…

What are your stats and what does the doctor say?

We have not been to the doctor or checked her stats since our 2 month appointment, so I have no idea.  She looks like she has ‘filled out’ some, so I’m guessing she’s around 12.5-13 lbs currently (just a guess).  She’s healthy and happy from all I can tell!

Fin in Dallas outside

What are you eating?

Finley is still exclusively breastfed at this point.  I’m still not doing dairy at this point, but I may start adding some back in here and there to see how she reacts to it.  There are two changes this month- 1) Fin seems to get distracted during some of her feeds.  She’ll be munching along, and then she’ll detach suddenly and turn her head (this does NOT feel good at all).  Then she’ll reattach and do the whole thing over again…and again…and again.  I’ve read about it online and this can be caused by a dozen different things (getting too much milk at once/not getting enough milk/curiosity to surroundings/tired/gassy/full), which sucks because who knows which one!  I generally just pick her up, try to burp her and then switch sides.  When she starts it up again on the other side, we’re done and cut her off for a while. Seems to be working ok.  2) Fin is eating a lot more efficiently, which means it takes much less time.  What use to be a 30 minute feeding on 1 side is now 15-20 minutes.  I like that.

When do you eat and sleep?

During the day Finley eats about every 3 hours. At night, it’s somewhere between 6 and 9 hours now (yay!).  Naps during the day (there are about 4 of them) range from about 30 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the time. She naps and sleeps in her crib, swaddled, for the most part.  Sometimes I’ll let her nap near me on her belly (she loves that).

What do your routines look like?

We are still doing the Baby Wise method of eat-wake-sleep.  Our schedule has tweaked some…..

  • Wake at 7:30-8am and feed
  • Play (tummy time/lay around and kick/swing time/etc) for about an hour
  • Nap
  • 10:30- wake from nap and feed
  • Play
  • Nap
  • 1:30- wake from nap and feed
  • Play
  • Nap
  • 4:30- wake from nap and feed
  • Play
  • Nap
  • 7:00- wake from nap and feed
  • Bath/Story time/etc
  • 9- feed and straight to bed
  • Only one nighttime feed now..usually sometime between 3 and 6

What size clothes and diapers are you wearing?

Clothing is mainly 3-6 months at this point, especially anything that covers her bum since we are doing cloth diapers.  Disposables are a size 2, but we’re not using those currently.  The cloth diapers are going well (details in a later post) and we currently have them snapped up to their smallest size.

Baby Bumble Bee Fin

What are some things you love?

This really depends on what time of day it is.  If we are talking about morning time (anytime before 1, actually), Fin enjoys laying down and kicking…sitting up in her little monkey chair…swinging…pretty much anything, as she’s in a great mood.  If it’s after 6, though, she mainly just likes eating and being carried around.  And bath time.  Newest love? Her glow-worm from Aunt Beth!  She fell in love with it on our trip to Dallas.  And a love anytime?  Outside time!  Sitting..strolling…walking in the Ergo…kicking on the patio…she loves it all.

Fin yawn in chair

What are some things you don’t love?

Diaper changes before you have eaten or in the middle of the night. Getting out of the bath tub. Getting lubed up after a bath. Having to wait to eat once you’ve decided you are hungry. Car rides if you don’t have someone in the back with you.

Finley on way to Bakers in car

What can you do?

Her newest talent is cooing and talking bath.  She’s quite the morning talker, and it’s totally adorable.  I’ve tried to get it on video, but every single time she sees the camera she deadpans and stops all activity.

Who has visited and watched you?

We haven’t had too many visitors lately, but that’s mainly because we’ve been busy.  We still haven’t had a babysitter to go out together, but we plan to in May for sure.

What are some of your nicknames?

Behind her back I call her ‘the titsucker’ a lot (awful, I know). I also call her Claire Bear…or boog…or diva.  And Fin, of course.

What are we looking forward to in the next month?

A lot!  We are going to the Buffalo this weekend, so we’ll get lots of family time then.  We also have a trip to TX planned for May, and a couple of birthday parties.  Besides that, hopefully we’ll stay busy with showing the house!  Wish us luck!

Fin for easter

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